What Are You Worth?

Everything has a value. Objects that we desire have value and it doesn't matter whether it's a car or a house, an item of jewelry or a restaurant meal, they all have a value that we place on them in monetary terms. Services have value. A mortgage broker can get you a good deal on a mortgage for your house, or a plumber can fix a leaking pipe and we place a monetary value on those services and many others.

But not every service has a monetary value. A doctor can bring to light a health problem you may be facing and in most cases, prescribe a cure. While the cure may cost you money, being correctly diagnosed is not so easy to put into hard cash dollars, but the value to you is great in any case.

But value, whether monetary or otherwise, is not restricted to objects or services. People have value too and it is the perception of your value as a person that this article will focus on.


Most people tend to think of value in terms of dollars in their pockets, but when assessing your own value, it's not so cut and dried. Sure, you may have great value as an effective provider of whatever service you provide for your job or business and that can certainly be translated into its dollar value by the compensation you are given in your earnings at the end of the week or month.

But what about your value as a person?

Personal Value

If you are a married man and a father, the value to your family is measurable in how much they appreciate what you do to provide for them in terms of shelter, education and food. But what about love? Does that have a value? Yes it does! The love that your family feels for you and is reciprocated on your part to them is immensely valuable and a price simply cannot be placed on it.

What about your interests and hobbies? Do they warrant claiming a value for the time you give them? Are your interests valuable in terms of expanding your mind, knowledge and enthusiasm for life? Of course they are, especially if your expansion has a knock on effect and brings value to other people because of what you have learned and the knowledge and experience you have acquired.

Spiritual Value

This idea can be taken further to include your value as a spiritual being. Now that doesn't necessarily mean you have to become religious to grow spiritually. In fact, that can even be detrimental to your growth if it conflicts with your beliefs.

But what you can do is strive to simply become a better person by taking time to cultivate a pleasant nature, to smile at people you meet and be nice to them. It goes further in that you can alter your thoughts to only think good of people and situations and to praise the good in everything you encounter.

It may stretch you make such changes, but they will ultimately be for your own good as they will enable you to grow from the inside out. When you reach a point where people say of you, "What a nice person," then you will have grown your value to a point where the benefits you enjoy will be greater than the cost to you in putting the time and effort in to create it!