Attracting Wealth

When you are in the right frame of mind and are feeling particularly prosperous, it can be easier than ever to attract wealth to you merely through your state of mind.

A lot of people will find that difficult to grasp, since the general thought process would be that you have to work really hard to make a lot of money. In many people's minds, that means holding down two jobs or moonlighting by working a nightshift for the extra cash.

However, while that is a commonly held belief and one that actually does work to get that extra cash coming in, it's not necessarily the best way of making money and certainly not the way to gain great wealth.

Thinking Wealth

To really magnetize yourself to attract the wealth you desire, you need to begin by putting your mental state into wealth mode and literally think it, dream it and live it to make it come to you!

The idea of working excessively hard and putting in long hours is certainly a realistic way of making more money than you would if you only did a moderate amount of work and kept regular hours. The downside is you end up working all the hours that you have available and neglect the truly important things in your life.

Things like your family, your health and getting to enjoy your free time (because you don't have any).

It is by breaking away from that way of thinking and instead thinking like a wealthy person that will cause big changes to occur I your life. The only caveat is that is will not happen all by itself, just by you wishing it to happen.

You still need to put in the effort and the time. The only difference is that the effort is usually more mental than physical and the time is only the amount you actually need to put your ideas into action.

It is literally using your mind to generate a daily growth potential of wealth that you control and bring into reality (see: for more information).

Generating Ideas

You see, the most valuable faculty a human being has is their mind. Yet its value is only realized when it is put to good use.

That happens when you use it to generate ideas that you can put into action to produce the wealth that you desire. Ideas come from deep within your unconscious and are only revealed to you when you have learned how to completely shut out the noise and stress of the outside world.

In short, you need to switch off from the daily life and your environment that is constantly bombarding your mind with extraneous stimuli and tune in to your inner mind. You do that through meditation!

All of the great inventors and the wealthiest people on the planet have this one thing in common. They all use meditation to generate ideas.

When you have new, unique ideas, you have an asset that very few other people have.

When you have that, you have leverage and when you have leverage you have a way to make money without working yourself almost to death to get it.

The hardest part is once you have a really good idea, is putting it into practice through creating a working plan to make it come to fruition in the real world. When you can do that with a true wealth mindset, you can realize your desire for prosperity and abundance!