The Wealth Mindset

Wealth is a mindset. If you ever listen to very wealthy people talking, observe their mannerisms, their actions and their deportment, the way they dress and the things they possess, it all speaks of wealth. They think wealth and live wealth.

Their minds are tuned into only thoughts of wealth and their outer persona's display the material aspect of that wealth. How does this happen and why does it happen to so few people when the rest of humanity lives in poverty or just barely manages to eke out a mundane living for themselves and their families?

The answer is all down to that mindset and how the brain and the thoughts it creates are manifest. In short, to create and maintain wealth, you have to think it constantly and never allow thoughts of the alternative (which is poverty or lack) to enter the thought stream and take hold.

Think Wealthy Thoughts

The simple way to maintain this mindset is to literally think only wealthy thoughts, or thoughts that are based on having plenty or an abundance of everything you need. Unfortunately, although the theory is simple, the reality is anything but simple when visualizing what you are worth.

Most people are focused on a mindset of lack and limitation. This is generally due to having been brought up in an environment of lack and limitation and it simply becomes a habit to think about these things, to talk about them and to literally live them. We see stories of lack, limitation and poverty on the television all the time. It seems the TV news and newspapers are devoted to bringing us all an endless stream of bad news stories focused on the poverty stricken and the unfortunate.

How Can You Change?

How is it possible to change the way we think when we are surrounded by so much lack and limitation and bombarded by even more of the same from every media that we allow into our lives? The simple answer (there's that word, "simple" again), is to shut it out. To do that takes a monumental amount of strength, willpower and determination, because shutting out such strong media influences as the television, radio and newspapers is not something that we find natural to do.

Everyone around us is geared to watching television and reading newspapers. Its all most people ever talk about. If you doubt that last statement, lust take some time out and listen to conversations in public places. Listen to what people are predominantly talking about. If its not problems in their family or personal lives, then its problems they heard about on the TV news or read about in a newspaper. Whole discussions are based on what people have been fed by these media.

Stop Watching and Reading the News

One powerful way to regain control over your mental activity and ultimately your life is to literally stop watching the TV news and stop reading newspapers. You may argue that you need to be informed of what is going on in the world.


Why do you want to know about all the troubles and problems that are happening in places that you are never going to visit personally? Why do you want to listen to tales of poverty and want in places where you can do nothing about it?

When you stop and really think about it, you don't need to know about all these things. You can't change them or affect them in any way. All you can do is run them over in your own mind, get angry or frustrated by them or talk about them with other people.

Then you all get angry, frustrated and resentful at some politician or despot leader but that's all you can do. The only person all that anger, frustration and resentment affects is you. It doesn't change the situation one iota!

So don't you think it makes a whole load more sense to change your mode of thinking?

Instead of getting mad at all that bad news, stop allowing it into your life and start getting happy at some good thing that is going on in your life instead. The more you focus on the good things, the more good things will come into your life!

Good Thoughts Attract Good Things

Your predominant mindset will attract to you the things that are uppermost in your thoughts. Think thoughts of wealth, plenty, abundance and happiness and those things will start flowing into your life. It may take time and it may happen slowly.

But it will happen and then you can build on it by holding those thoughts and becoming that wealthy, prosperous, happy person you always wanted to be.