Where to Publish Articles

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Why do you need to publish your articles on the kind of sites that accept them? Most people believe that using them this way is dead thanks to successive algorithm updates by Google aimed at stamping out certain practices like this for acquiring inbound links to sites.

But most people give up too easily and fail. The truth is that article publishing is still a worthwhile strategy as long as you know how to leverage the available resources. This article sets out to explain how publishing articles can still be used for this and how you can maximize your efforts to make your work count.

Article publication is far from dead. It has just changed some. When you know how to adapt to the changes, you can make a difference in your own efforts.

Why Article Placement is Still Effective

There are lots of good reasons for using articles to promote your website, blog or brand. Of all the reasons why you would do any kind of promotion in the first place, the main one should be to increase the number of visitors that are going to show up at the entity you're promoting.

Visitor numbers will fluctuate depending on what you're promoting. In this sense I mean working to increase the number of physical visitors to a website or blog. It also helps with the number of people that simply get to know your name or brand through promotion.

For achieving this, you still need to get links to your website or blog as well as growing visitor numbers and brand or site name awareness. The more people that know about your site, the more visitors you are going to get.

You can increase the visitors to your site by getting a high ranking place in one of the other major search engines. You can also get a flow of visits from web 2.0 properties like Hub Pages, Wordpress or Blogger blogs or any one of the many other free blogging or mini site building platforms.

You can get traffic from social sites like Pinterest or Facebook. Wherever you get them, visitors to your website or blog are always welcome!

Where to Publish Your Articles

Knowing where to publish your articles is pretty important, because you don't just want to add them to a bunch of really dodgy sites that are likely to disappear or delete your work after you have placed them. You really have two choices here.

The first option will appeal more to those who simply want to stick to the old ways and use the concept of "throw enough mud and some of it will stick." Its viable, but not as effective as it used to be. In some cases, the benefits are not outweighed by the cost in time, effort and resources.

The second option is better for those that have the time to spare to produce decent quality articles for placement. However, most people don't have the time or the inclination to write original articles to do this, especially if you are going to go to that level of effort, you are better publishing your original content on your own site(s) or on good quality web 2.0 such as Hub Pages where you can expect a return for your efforts in sales or revenue share.

While I hate to say it, article sites, no matter how legit and authoritative they may be, are really only good for publishing second rate articles to. The good stuff should really be reserved for your business properties.

So what are the "good quality" article sites?

There aren't many of them, but the best ones are those that are niche specific and relevant to your site. If you have a health site promoting diet programs for instance, your best bet is to publish on a fairly decent health directory.

Plenty of people still use Ezine Articles, but their authority has been seriously eroded over the last year or so as their once high editorial standards slipped and a lot of dross got published over there. It's still useful for getting some referral traffic, but don't expect much from it these days.

Other great web 2.0 places to publish quality articles to mini-sites are:

That's just a short list teaser to give you some idea of what's out there.

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