Earn Money by Playing Games

Despite common belief to the contrary it is possible to enjoy making money by playing video games online when you discover how to become a game tester. Jobs actually exist for people with gaming skills to test new video titles before they are released to the general public and the pay can be rather attractive.

It may sound like trading fun for dollars but for those that spend a lot of their time gaming and not doing anything that might be construed as worthwhile, this could be a definite benefit for all those hours spent at the console. It would also represent a handy answer to anyone that has a low opinion of video game addicts that they are not playing, but at work!

Video Game Testing Jobs at Home

It might still sound a little incredible, but it is possible to find these exciting opportunities to generate an income from doing what you love doing while not actually considering it as work. If you're wondering how to get into this business and be paid for what is really just playing, there is a pretty decent review of the process that can be found on this website http://makeblogmoney.com/make-money/how-to-get-paid-to-play-video-games/ by clicking that link.

Alternatively, if you want to skip reading all about what you could be doing and you want to get started doing it right away, I have a direct link to a well established game tester jobs site right here: CLICK: Visit Gaming Jobs Online

You can sign up on that page and be getting paid real dollars to play at home in no time at all. There is a catch, which is common for this kind of site.

There is a membership fee to use the system that provides the job leads that pay you. It's not expensive but actually pretty cheap considering you can earn up to $50 an hour with some of the companies that offer their products for testing.

Pay Your Rent and Living Expenses

You can literally earn enough money to pay all your living expenses without ever leaving the comfort of your bedroom if you want. I can bet that sounds pretty darn good, especially if you hate the idea of joining the rat race and commuting to a nine to five job every day to make about the same money after you take off your travel expenses and time.

Just imagine: There's your flat-mate is busting their behind working long hours and being tired all the time to earn the same as you for sitting on yours and having fun. It might sound so utopian and too good to be true that most people dismiss the idea before ever investigating it.

But you're still reading this so I know you're interested in knowing how you can be one of the lucky ones and playing for pay. No horrible commuter trains or subways for you!

If you want that link again to save you the effort of scrolling back up the page, here it is:

Click HERE to visit Gaming Jobs Online

Click it and read the info, watch the video and believe it, because it's real and it's waiting for you right now.