How to Earn Money Promoting Web Hosting

Have you ever wondered why so many people blog about web hosting, its pros and cons, the products provided by different companies and review all these hosting plans? It's no big secret that affiliates can make a lot of money from providing their readers with discount coupons and codes that they can use to get money off certain webhosting.

Well, if you think you can go up against and compete with all the marketers that are currently promoting this or that web host, you should give it a try. It's easy enough to sign up to the affiliate programs of say half a dozen different hosting companies such as Hostgator, Blue Host, Stable Host etc and start writing some reviews on teach one's products and services.

For example, here is a 25% Off Hostgator coupon codes:


It works by simply copying that code into your computer's clipboard and then pasting it into the "Coupon Code" field in the Hostgator signup form when you are ready to buy a new hosting package. You might want to click the link above for detailed instructions on how it can save you rather a lot of money on that package!

Getting Your Reviews Seen by Buying Eyes

Doing the reviewing and writing is the easy part, as I'm sure you will already be well aware. Getting that published work in front of eyes that belong to people who are actually looking to buy some webhosting and are on the lookout for a good deal is the tough part.

But that's not to say it's impossible and you shouldn't even bother trying!

There are so many flaws in Google's search algorithm these days that it is actually easier than you might think to rank a good, well written review for some low to medium traffic keywords that can make the effort worth your while. Or you could go the PPC route and pay for your traffic, although that takes a steady hand and a cool head along with lots of knowledge to pull off successfully.

Go into PPC without really knowing what you're doing and it could end up costing you a lot of money for little return. An awful lot of people have had their fingers burned by trying to work with PPC without studying it in depth and allowing their inexperience cause their downfall.

Unless you really know what you're doing or you are actively learning the best strategies from an expert in the field, this is one area that may be best left alone at least in the early stages of your business.

Does SEO Still Work Any More?

Well, the truth is that SEO does work and it has always worked. It is just different to the way it used to be. You have to work smarter to rank a site in the main search engine, but with some work and patience, it can certainly be done.

The days of putting up a thin site with a bunch of ads all over the front page like a cheap suit are long over. But if you want to put a little more effort into what you create, like writing some decent reviews in your own words and make sure you put a decent word count in there, you can rank it ahead of a lot of the competition.

That's because most people are still lazy and will use spun articles, or cheap outsourced articles that are barely readable, or they'll even use PLR. They think they can rank with it and not get a slap down very soon after as the Panda algo seeks out poor content very well these days.

So create something worthwhile and readable by real visitors because they are what you are ultimately wanting to attract to your site and to your review articles. Backlink it sparingly and in a natural way and you might just surprise yourself at what you can achieve!