Collecting Emails with an Autoresponder to Make Money Online

Before you can actually earn money through email marketing, you have to collect email address first to put in your best autoresponder list.

Keep in mind that the bigger list you have, the more effective your email campaign will be and the more you get chances of earning through email marketing. The first step in doing so is to subscribe and make use of the best autoresponder service.

By using such service, you get the benefit of creating a database for all the email address that you had collected. This service will also allow you to send mass emails to your database saving you the time and effort in reaching out to your customers.


Another advantage of using the auto responder service is that it will allow you to create an opt-in web form on your website. The HTML code that is needed to do this will be provided by the most effective autoresponder service therefore you don't have to be an expert on web forms and other technical details to do so.

This is a great way to expand your wealth mindset and collect emails if you have an online business as you get to have the chance of expanding your email list every time somebody new visits your website.

On the other hand, if you have a brick and mortar or a physical store for a business, one great way to expand your email list is by requesting it directly from your customers. You can ask your cashiers to ask the customers for their email address so they can be added in the email list.

Tell your customers that this is a great way to get in touch with them just in case they want to be notified of the upcoming sales, events or discounts. It can be almost as easy as playing games for a living!

Capturing Email Addresses

To further encourage customers to provide their email address, you can offer some products for free. Many loves the freebies and many just can't resist having one. But don't just offer any freebie - offer one that is significant or connected to the product that you are offering.

The reason that they are on your website or your physical store is because they are interested on what you are selling. So capitalize on their interest and further entice them by offering something that they are already interested with.

Many customers have high regards for their email address and should therefore be treated with a lot of respect. So when you collect their addresses, make sure that you should always be respectful and give them the choice to opt out anytime they want to.

Place this option at the bottom of the email so they get to read what you have to offer first. This will help you build your trust with clients that actually matters and they are one the one that reads your mail.

Finally, when you are doing email marketing, make sure that you are getting the permission of the customer when collecting emails. Sending electronic mail without the permission of the customer is considered as SPAM and also unethical for many.

When you get permission every time you collect emails, you make sure that the email list in the database of your best autoresponder are really the ones that are interested.